School Records Shattered in Strong Region Meet Showing

By Jase Peeler


SPARTANBURG, SC- The Cavaliers had a very successful region meet Saturday morning at the Middle Tyger YMCA. The girls achieved their goal set at the beginning of the year to finish top 3 after a tough realignment, finishing 3rd out of 8 teams with 60 points. 1st place Riverside had 135 points and 2nd place Spartanburg had 109. The boys finished 2nd out of 8 teams with 97 points. 1st place Riverside had 118.


The girls added 2 new automatic state times, both from Sophomore Emily Hovis in the 50 Freestyle and 100 Backstroke. The girls also had 3 improvements on previous set cuts, and a total of 7 state times. The girls also achieved 2 consideration times, both by senior Evelyn Shrader. She had her first consideration time in the 200 Freestyle and improved her previously set consideration time in the 100 Backstroke. The boys had 8 automatic times achieved, two of which were school records. Senior Andrew Johns broke the record in the 200 Freestyle, a record that was already broken by Junior Jack Parker earlier in the year. Whether Jack reclaims his record at state remains to be seen, but the competition is sure to breed success. Jack also shattered his own record in the 500 Freestyle by more than 2 seconds. The boys also had a total of 5 improvements on already set cuts. The boys had 13 consideration times, 2 of which were new individual cuts and 2 new relays. The two new times were Junior Ethan Johnson in the 100 Free and Junior Porter Martin in the 100 Breast. The boys also had 3 improvements on already set times.


Congratulations to All-Region swimmers Hannah Weber, Alaina Smith, Emily Hovis, Jack Parker, Andrew Johns, and Brett Bailey.


The Cavaliers will wrap up the season at the State Meet on October 6 at the University of South Carolina.


Automatic State Times



200 Medley Relay- Emily Hovis, Hannah Weber, Evelyn Shrader, Alaina Smith- 1:53.89 (improving their previous consideration time of 1:55.40)


400 Freestyle Relay- Evelyn Shrader, Emily Hovis, Hannah Weber, Alaina Smith- 3:49.19 (improving their previous best automatic time of 3:50.81)


50 Freestyle- Emily Hovis- 25.83


100 Freestyle Alaina Smith- 55.88 (previous best automatic time: 55.24)


500 Freestyle- Hannah Weber- 5:21.21 (improving her previous best automatic time of 5:22.10)


100 Backstroke- Emily Hovis- 1:04.23


100 Breaststroke- Hannah Weber- 1:08.93 (previous best automatic time: 1:08.59)



200 Medley Relay- Jack Parker, Preston Erb, Brett Bailey, Andrew Johns- 1:42.59 (previous automatic time: 1:42.40)


200 Freestyle Relay- Andrew Johns, Andy Cockrell, Jack Parker, Brett Bailey- 1:32.32 (improving their previous automatic time of 1:33.86)


200 Freestyle- Andrew Johns- 1:48.11 (school record) (improving his previous automatic time of 1:48.67)


200 IM- Jack Parker- 2:01.57 (previous best automatic time: 2:01.13)

Brett Bailey- 2:05.90 (previous best automatic time: 2:03.19)


100 Freestyle- Andrew Johns- 48.93 (improving his previous best automatic time of 48.94)


500 Freestyle- Jack Parker- 4:50.54 (school record) (improving his previous best automatic time of 4:53.03)


100 Breaststroke- Brett Bailey- 1:03.69 (improving his previous automatic time of 1:03.70)


Consideration State Cuts



200 Freestyle- Evelyn Shrader- 2:14.26


100 Backstroke- Evelyn Shrader 1:06.75 (improving her previous best consideration time of 1:07.35)



200 Medley Relay- Matthew Wilson, Porter Martin, Tommy Giaimo, Caleb Bailey- 1:51.20


400 Freestyle Relay- Ethan Johnson, Matthew Wilson, Giovanny Perez, Caleb Bailey- 3:41.46


200 Freestyle- Ethan Johnson- 2:01.00 (previous automatic time: 2:00.55)


200 IM- Tommy Giaimo- 2:14.94 (improving his previous best consideration time of 2:16.44)

Caleb Bailey- 2:14.30 (previous best consideration time: 2:13.62)


50 Freestyle-Andy Cockrell- 24.25 (improving his previous consideration time of 24.69)

Matthew Wilson- 25.23 (previous best consideration time: 24.80)


100 Butterfly- Tommy Giaimo- 58.22 (improving his previous consideration time of 59.12)


100 Freestyle- Ethan Johnson- 54.66


500 Freestyle- Caleb Bailey- 5:24.31 (previous consideration time: 5:21.06)


100 Backstroke- Matthew Wilson- 1:03.94 (previous best consideration time: 1:03.26)


100 Breaststroke- Preston Erb- 1:10.00 (previous best consideration time: 1:07.95)

Porter Martin- 1:08.61