Swimming Cavaliers Have Successful Day in Rock Hill

By Jase Peeler


The Cavaliers traveled to Rock Hill for the Upstate Invitational and returned successful. The girls continued their tradition of success placing 3rd out of 14 scoring teams after a 2nd place finish last year. The boys improved on last year’s results by a large margin, jumping to 3rd out of 12 scoring teams after a 9th place finish last year.


Leading the way in scoring for the girls was once again Hannah Weber with 25. She has led the girl’s team in scoring in every meet where scores were calculated. Next was Alaina Smith was 14 points, her highest point total of the year. Maddie Parker, Evelyn Shrader, and Emily Hovis also contributed points. Jack Parker led the boys with 25 points, followed closely by Brett Bailey with 20. Next was Andrew Johns with 11, along with Connor Chittum, Tommy Giaimo, and Ethan Johnson contributing points.


The girls team had 6 automatic times with 5 new automatic state cuts: their first automatic relay time, Alaina Smith’s first three cuts, and Hannah Weber’s 100 Breast cut to bring her individual automatic time total to 5. They also had 4 consideration times, with a new relay cut and Emily Hovis’ first consideration cut in the 50 free. The boys had 8 automatic times, with 3 of them new: a new 400 free time, and two new cuts for Brett Bailey in the 100 and 200 Free. The boys also added 13 consideration times, with 4 of them new individual cuts and 2 new relays. The 4 individual times were Ethan Johnson in the 100 Butterfly, Giovanny Perez in the 100 Freestyle, Matthew Wilson in the 100 Backstroke, and Andrew Johns in the 100 Breaststroke.


The Cavaliers return to action Thursday against Region foes Gaffney and Spartanburg at Converse College.


Automatic State Cuts



200 Medley Relay- Emily Hovis, Hannah Weber, Evelyn Shrader, Alaina Smith- 1:55.40


200 Freestyle- Alaina Smith- 2:03.95


200 IM- Hannah Weber- 2:19.29 (improving her previous consideration time of 2:20.39)


100 Freestyle (off of 400 Freestyle Relay) Alaina Smith- 56.85


100 Backstroke- Alaina Smith- 1:04.15


100 Breaststroke- Hannah Weber- 1:09.05



200 Freestyle Relay- Andrew Johns, Connor Chittum, Jack Parker, Brett Bailey- 1:31.06 (previous best automatic time 1:30.89)


400 Freestyle Relay- Brett Bailey, Connor Chittum, Jack Parker, Andrew Johns- 3:21.45


200 Freestyle- Brett Bailey- 1:51.16


200 IM- Jack Parker- 2:01.38 (previous automatic time: 2:01.13)


100 Butterfly- Brett Bailey- 56.46 (improving his previous automatic time of 57.07)


100 Freestyle- Andrew Johns - 50.15 (previous best automatic time: 48.94)


100 Freestyle (off of 400 Freestyle Relay) Brett Bailey- 50.10


100 Backstroke- Jack Parker- 54.46 (improving his previous automatic time of 55.02)





400 Freestyle Relay- Alaina Smith, Emily Hovis, Evelyn Shrader, Hannah Weber- 3:54.11


50 Freestyle- Emily Hovis- 26.87


100 Freestyle- Evelyn Shrader- 1:00.45 (previous consideration time: 1:00.17)


100 Backstroke- Evelyn Shrader- 1:08.49 (previous best consideration time- 1:07.35)



200 Medley Relay- Matthew Wilson, Preston Erb, Giovanny Perez, Andy Cockrell- 1:51.77


200 Freestyle Relay- Matthew Wilson, Preston Erb, Dylan Rogers, Andy Cockrell- 1:40.44


200 Freestyle- Ethan Johnson- 2:00.55 (improving his previous consideration time of 2:02.67)


200 IM- Tommy Giaimo- 2:18.71 (previous best consideration time: 2:16.44)


50 Freestyle- Dylan Rogers- 25.11 (previous best consideration time: 24.91)

Andy Cockrell- 25.23 (previous best consideration time: 25.01)


100 Butterfly- Ethan Johnson- 1:01.55


100 Freestyle- Giovanny Perez- 55.57


100 Backstroke- Connor Chittum- 1:00.57 (previous best consideration time: 1:00.44)

Matthew Wilson- 1:03.26


100 Breaststroke- Preston Erb- 1:11.20 (previous best consideration time: 1:09.20)

Matthew Wilson- 1:11.24 (previous best consideration time: 1:09.37)

Andrew Johns- 1:09.10